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Teaching Schools SW is a partnership of Schools, MATs, Teaching Schools, Teaching School Hub, Research School and Curriculum Hubs.

Our Teaching School Hub is led by Kingsbridge Community College. It is one of six Department for Education Test and Learn Phase Teaching School Hub Programme designated in January 2020.

If you have an enquiry regarding an event from this organisation, you can contact the event organiser here

Secondary Leadership Network

The purpose of the Secondary Leadership Network is to develop a strong and eclectic network of Headteachers who enjoy:

  • collaborating
  • sharing ideas
  • visiting high performing schools nationally
  • discussing and debating ways to improve schools
  • understanding the regional context

The following clear set of principles will underpin the work of the network: 

Effective Collaboration:

For the past decade there have been examples of successful schools collaborating, leading to significant improvements. Examples include London Challenge in the UK and Uncommon Schools & KIPP from the US.

Critically Inquisitive:

With an overwhelming volume of innovations, new theories and polarised opinions, this network will seek out and scrutinise both the latest and long-standing best practice in this country and abroad, with a view to providing a practical and well-informed approach to improvement within our schools.

Support and Challenge:

As a group, we will support and challenge each other to both devise and enact critical developments within our schools and ensure that we know the efficacy of these acts.

The progrmame will consiste of the following:

  • At least six sessions over a year, beginning in October 2020; which will be a blend of online and face-to-face events, linked, where possible, to other key meetings attended by Headteachers.
  • Built into the network experience will be visits to high performing / rapidly improving schools nationally. 
  • One-to-one support via follow up sessions will be offered from network leads to fit in with your school’s needs and desires. 
  • We will also seek to engage with existing groups such as regional MAT leader conferences if the situation allows.

The content can be flexible to reflect the priorities and interests of the network members.

Led by experienced Headteachers Tim Harris (Colyton Grammar School), Steve Margetts (Torquay Academy) and Tim Rutherford (West Exe School), the programme is for established Secondary Headteachers from all career stages and includes all secondary school types and all Ofsted ratings.

For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Event Date Multiple Date Event
Individual Price TSSW Members FREE | Other Colleagues £95 per delegate

Please contact the event provider if you have a question.

Secondary Early Career Framework Programme

Teach First, in partnership with TSSW, is offering all Secondary NQTs the opportunity to take up the Teach First ‘Early Career Framework’ Programme in 2020-2021.

The main features of the offer are:

  • Premium quality programme: Teach First is a leading national training provider which has developed a premium ECF programme for NQTs and NQT+1 through a team of leading expert national advisers
  • Blended learning approach: The programme combines self-directed study through a state-of-the-art learning platform, group seminars and instructional coaching with the in-school Mentor; the approach is not reliant on NQTs going off-site, which in the COVID-19 recovery phase will maximise time spent in lessons.
  • Builds high impact mentoring: NQT mentor will receive training and support to hone instructional coaching skills. Mentors will have full access to the ECF learning platform, so they can track and support NQT progress.
  • Free programme with unlimited places: the DfE are rolling out early the ECF in response to COVID 19 to strengthen support for NQTs who would have had a shortened teacher training year. All aspects of training for NQTs and Mentors are free. Cover costs and travel expenses will also be significantly reduced.
  • Combining strong local expertise: TSSW will play a key partnership role in delivery. Early career leads from TSSW will be trained to deliver the Teach First programme, including the webinars for NQTs and Mentors and as well as Mentor Group Sessions. This enables us to combine strong local expertise with a premium national programme.

Please book your places by Friday 10th July 2020.

Event Date Multiple Date Event
Individual Price Free
School Partnership Programme (SPP)

This is one of two leadership programmes on offer to all schools in support of the School Improvement journey regardless of your Ofsted rating.

Event Date Multiple Date Event
Individual Price For TSSW members £1,800 - £2,250. Other schools £2,000 - £2,500.

Please contact the event provider if you have a question.

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