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Babcock LDP is part of the UK's leading education support and improvement service. We work with academies, schools and settings, Devon County Council, other Local Authorities and with a range of regional and national bodies. Babcock LDP provides a single integrated service, which enables us to understand more fully the needs of customers and to deliver the best services to meet those needs in a coherent way. 

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Maths Mind Snacks for Teachers

We are offering a range of one hour PD sessions focussed on specific areas of mathematics, which will allow teachers to work on some maths together as part of a wider mathematics community.  This will include exploring understanding of concepts and structures and considering how to make best use of the ideas with learners. 

Teachers can attend one or multiple sessions: (see list below)

  • Games to support understanding of number R/Y1/2 - 3rd March
  • Additive fluency through reasoning Y1/2 - 9th March
  • Additive fluency through reasoning Y3/4 - 10th March
  • Additive fluency through reasoning Y5/6 - 11th March
  • Fostering Inquiring Minds Y5/6 - 24th March
  • Number Sense Y1/2 - 20th April
  • Number Sense Y3/4 - 21st April
  • Number Sense Y5/6 - 22nd April
  • Fostering Inquiring Minds Y3/4 - 28th April
  • Fostering Inquiring Minds Y1/2 - 12th May
  • Maths and Art Y5/6 - 13th May
  • Multiplicative fluency through reasoning Y3/4 - 19th May
  • Multiplicative fluency through reasoning Y5/6 - 20th May
  • Visualising shapes KS2 - 8th June
  • Procedural variation Y1/2 - 22nd June
  • Procedural variation Y3/4 - 23rd June
  • Procedural variation Y5/6 - 24th June
Event Date 24-06-2021 3:45 pm
Individual Price free of charge for Devon maintained schools
Primary PE Subject Leader Meetings

These 90 minute live virtual meetings will be held once per half-term during spring and summer 2021.  They will focus on curriculum development, safer practice and outstanding teaching and learning ideas.

Event Date 29-06-2021 4:00 pm
Individual Price Free
Intimate Care Network Meetings

Intimate Care can be defined as any care which involves washing, touching or carrying out a procedure to intimate personal areas which most people carry out themselves.

This support group is aimed at teachers and teaching assistants who are involved in supporting pupils with intimate/personal care. The support group will meet termly, and provide support and advice including producing an Intimate Care Plan; advising on resources for staff and students; signposting to relevant agencies; manual handling and keeping your back safe when handling in the toilet, and general advice for adaptations including changing benches and adequate space.

Event Date 01-07-2021 1:30 pm
Individual Price Free
EYFS Moderation of Writing Group Events for both Early Adopters and the current EYFS Profile

In these sessions, we will provide the opportunity for shared moderation of EYFS writing using the Pobble writing moderation tool.  Each session will be led by Babcock Early Years Consultant Moderators supporting small groups of teachers. The final part of the session will be a wider discussion of all ELGs as teachers, where possible, use their best endeavours to finalise their EYFS assessments in 2021.

Event Date 05-07-2021 9:30 am
Individual Price Free
Safeguarding Child Protection Level 3 Initial Training

This is a two-day, multi-agency course for Group 3 delegates with safeguarding responsibilities (named/designated staff) and/or those working regularly with children and young people who have a duty to learn more about child protection as specified in Working Together to Safeguard Children and Keeping Children Safe in Education.

Event Date 07-07-2021 9:30 am
Individual Price £144.00
Safeguarding Child Protection Group 3 Refresher course

One-day virtual Child Protection Inter-Agency refresher course is for delegates with safeguarding children responsibilities. Refresher courses are for those delegates who have already undertaken the 'Safeguarding Children Training Level 3 - Initial Training Course'. Group 3 and above are required to attend an inter-agency safeguarding update or refresher: schools every 2 years; early years and others every 3 years.

Event Date 08-07-2021 9:30 am
Individual Price £84.00
Understanding Christianity: full training course (Community Schools only)

Understanding Christianity is an exciting and highly acclaimed resource for RE covering EYFS, KS1, 2 and 3, suitable for all schools. It has been written by RE Today to give the in-depth support for the Christianity sections of the new Devon, Torbay and Plymouth RE syllabuses. It aims to develop pupils’ understanding of key concepts in Christianity, as a contribution to their understanding of the world and their own experience within it. This three-session course will give teachers full access to this outstanding and nationally recognised system of learning in RE.

Event Date 09-07-2021 9:30 am
Individual Price Free
Governor Clerks Briefing (maintained and academy)

An opportunity to share information, prompt ideas and keep yourself – and your board – up to date.  The content changes every term to reflect the issues you and your board are likely to be dealing with currently and will support your agenda planning for the remainder of this term.  An essential session for all clerks to share questions and solutions.

Event Date 14-09-2021 10:30 am
Individual Price Ninety-Two pounds for non-subscribing schools
Governance Briefings

A short briefing session 60-90 minutes in length for all governors in all settings to update them on the latest developments within education and governance.

Event Date 28-09-2021 1:00 pm
Individual Price Other dates available
Educational Visits Co-ordinator (EVC) Training (2 day course)

This is a mandatory training course for staff new to the role of EVC in schools. This DfE approved course covers the management checks and procedures for visits required by the DfE and the local authority/employer.  This course is also recommended for those that are new to the role of Head.

Every school should have a named Educational Visits Co-ordinator who is trained and remains up to date.

Event Date 30-09-2021
Individual Price £145.00
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