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Babcock LDP is part of the UK's leading education support and improvement service. We work with academies, schools and settings, Devon County Council, other Local Authorities and with a range of regional and national bodies. Babcock LDP provides a single integrated service, which enables us to understand more fully the needs of customers and to deliver the best services to meet those needs in a coherent way. 

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Pupil Exclusions Procedures
Event Date 10-02-2022 10:00 am
Individual Price November and February dates available
Behaviour Conference - the road to recovery

For many children the loss of their school structure and daily routine will have caused significant trauma over the course of the pandemic and we cannot underestimate the impact of the loss of their social interaction. This conference will provide you with both inspirational and practical sessions – allowing you to take away from the event what you need to ensure a recovery of the Social, Emotional and Mental Health of the children in your school / setting.

Event Date 17-02-2022 9:30 am
Individual Price £165 to attend virtually and £205 to attend in person
Educational Visits Coordinator (EVC) Termly Briefings

This twice yearly briefing for EVCs and Heads allows the Adviser for Outdoor Education to bring schools up to date with current policies and procedures and to address schools’ individual challenges.

Event Date 15-03-2022
Individual Price various dates from which to choose in November through to March 2022
Moving and Handling - Introduction/Theory

This 2 hour virtual introduction/theory session will raise awareness of moving and handling in settings where staff are not ‘hands on’ with a student to support their movement.

Suitable for any staff working with a child or young person who has Physical/Movement difficulties (not suitable for those working with children who have emotional or behavioural difficulties requiring physical interventions).

Event Date 15-03-2022 9:30 am
Individual Price Various dates in Sept, Dec, Feb and March
Governance - Complaints Prevention and Managing

A course for all governors and trustees that looks at strategies to prevent complaints being made against a school, how to handle them when they are received and how to manage challenging complaint situations.

Event Date 22-03-2022 10:00 am
Individual Price Dates available in November and March
An Introduction to British Sign Language

Our first ever British Sign language online course! Aimed at Families, Carers & Professionals working with and supporting young deaf children to ensure they have a successful inclusion in a deaf friendly school.

Event Date 01-07-2022
Individual Price £35.00 This is an online course and is available to purchase and access at any time
Safer Recruitment - online learning

Are you confident that your recruitment processes comply with the latest safeguarding legislation?

This online course has been written by our highly regarded Safeguarding Team, for governors, trustees and people who work in schools, settings and other agencies with children and young people.

It is designed to increase your knowledge and understanding of safer recruitment and it will enable you to be compliant with the most recent KCSiE statutory guidance.

Event Date 01-07-2022
Individual Price £29.00 - This is an online course and is available to purchase and access at any time
Language, Listening and Communication in the Early Years: An Introduction to supporting deaf children

There are more children being diagnosed and fitted with hearing aids earlier resulting in increased numbers of Early Years children requiring specialist support.  Many settings find themselves wanting to support these children effectively and are actively looking at options for their own awareness development.

The early years are a critical age for deaf children to develop their play and thinking skills and to do this they need access to language. This course will give you an overview of what it is like to be deaf and how deafness can impact on listening, spoken and communication skills, as well as social development.

Event Date 01-07-2022
Individual Price £35.00 This is an online course and is available to purchase and access at any time
Child Protection Refresher Training Group 3 and above

One-day virtual Child Protection Inter-Agency refresher course is for delegates with safeguarding children responsibilities. Refresher courses are for those delegates who have already undertaken the 'Safeguarding Children Training Level 3 - Initial Training Course'. Group 3 and above are required to attend an inter-agency safeguarding update or refresher: schools every 2 years; early years and others every 3 years.

Event Date 13-07-2022 9:30 am
Individual Price various start dates from Sept through to July
Child Protection Level 3 Initial Training

This is a two-day, multi-agency course for Group 3 delegates with safeguarding responsibilities (named/designated staff) and/or those working regularly with children and young people who have a duty to learn more about child protection as specified in Working Together to Safeguard Children and Keeping Children Safe in Education.

Event Date 19-07-2022 9:30 am
Individual Price 2-day event - various start dates from Sept through to July
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