EYFS Conference

06-10-2021 9:30 am
£160 for face-to-face venue based or £130 for live virtual attendance
EYFS Conference

Drawing on the information shared through EYFS reform updates, this conference will explore the wonderful opportunities available to early years children to support their understanding and development. 

Through expert keynote speakers, including Julian Grenier, and a range of complimenting workshops, practitioners will be given the time to reflect on their practice, share and learn new ideas and feel reinvigorated with fresh strategies to take back to their setting.


Vision, Prayer and Reflection

14-10-2021 4:00 pm
£30.00 per school
Vision, Prayer and Reflection

Prayer and reflection are powerful. Vision is energising. Combining these aspects enables a Church School to flourish. 

This course is aimed at School Leaders, Governors, Directors and RE Leads


Bridging the Gap - developing reading fluency for all

21-10-2021 9:30 am
Bridging the Gap - developing reading fluency for all

This conference will offer delegates the opportunity to learn from international experts in developing fluency and also from practitioners developing practice in their own classrooms. Teachers from every age and phase will be able to take away effective, evidence based ideas to support readers in their contexts. The opportunity to hear Tim Rasinski and Herts for Learning in one virtual room is not to be missed.


Courageous Advocacy and Social Action

18-11-2021 1:00 pm
£30.00 per delegate
Courageous Advocacy and Social Action

Audience: Heads of School / CEOs / School staff / Governors

This course will help schools to explore the concept of courageous advocacy and what that might mean in their unique context. It is important to move beyond simple solutions, like fundraising, to ask questions about why underlying injustices keep people poor and what can be done about it. We need to develop an understanding of the structural causes of poverty, looking at the complexities that cause injustice in order to tackle root causes,rather than simply soothing symptoms alone. Courageous advocacy can take a number of forms, and we will be exploring examples of the following:

  • awareness raising
  • community influencing
  • lifestyle changes
  • consumer power
  • engaging with decision-makers.

RE Updates for Church of England Primary Schools

23-11-2021 4:00 pm
RE Updates for Church of England Primary Schools

Audience: Primary RE teachers and RE Leads

This meeting will explore current issues for primary teachers of RE including:

  • networking shared ideas;
  • curriculum planning;
  • worldviews and RE;
  • leading and monitoring across the school;
  • RE, Ofsted and SIAMS;
  • what should RE look like in a Church school?

Governance - Effective Minute Taking

24-11-2021 10:30 am
Governance - Effective Minute Taking

This course we will consider the technicalities of minute taking including legal requirements and implications, consider how to handle difficult situations and record confidential issues and share resources and best practice for effective minute taking

The minutes provide a legal record of the decisions, actions and challenge which take place within board and committee meetings and can provide evidence for audit and Ofsted. 


RE Updates for Church of England Secondary Schools

24-11-2021 4:00 pm
RE Updates for Church of England Secondary Schools

Audience: Secondary RE teachers and RE Leads

This meeting will explore current issues for Church of England secondary RE teachers including:

  • networking shared ideas;
  • KS3/4 programmes and planning;
  • GCSE updates;
  • RE, Ofsted and SIAMS;
  • what is a worldviews approach;
  • what does RE look like in a Church school?

Governance - Complaints Prevention and Managing

25-11-2021 10:00 am
Governance - Complaints Prevention and Managing

A course for all governors and trustees that looks at strategies to prevent complaints being made against a school, how to handle them when they are received and how to manage challenging complaint situations.


Smart School Summit - Saudi Arabia 2021

01-12-2021 - 02-12-2021
Smart School Summit - Saudi Arabia 2021

One of the Main pillars for Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 is the education sector. Global shift in education technology and innovation has created new opportunities for Saudi Arabia’s schools to empower teachers and students for sustainable future which meets objectives of Vision 2030. As Kingdom attracts investment for setting up new schools is accelerating, there is need for modern infrastructure and technology upgradation.

This Summit will curate a platform of experts and leadership stakeholders of educational sector from across Middle East region to discuss, deliberate and explore the best practices and solutions to transform the future of educational sector. The program will cover the scope for technological impact in personalization, assessment, self-paced learning, VR in teaching, exam management and collaborative classrooms. The summit will drive to significant dialogues between the experts, decision-makers and solution providers on challenges and opportunities to transform learning and education in Middle East.

Target Audience:
Heads of Schools, Ministeries and Authorities, Key Stakeholders, Investors and Owners, Enterprise Companies, Heads of Departments.

Download Event Programme








Day 1

TRACK 1: Kingdom’s Landscape for Smart Schools

In this track you will learn about key initiative from ministries and key policy makers about education reforms to improve teaching quality in the kingdom and current projects for investment and technology upgradation in schools.
  • Building Smart Schools for global competitiveness

  • Advance infrastructure for schools in kingdom

  • Improving school communication, engagement and interaction

  • How Technology Can Solve reaching remote areas

TRACK 2: Digital Learning

Digital learning track focuses on Emerging technologies for 21st century learning - Work ow learning - Learning impact - Video for learning - Learning ecosystems Reskilling - Virtual reality - Self-directed learning - Coaching & technology - Performance support
– Stakeholder buy-in - Learning technology landscape - Learning & the mind - Learning analytics - Onboarding - xAPI - Digital transformation - Learning across borders - AI - Games & Learning Culture


  • Trends Shaping the Future of Student Learning & Tutoring -Online, Live, Game based learning & more

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education: Are You Ready For It?

  • Emerging Technologies driving the future of Education

  • Experiential Learning- Making Children Technology Ready

Day 2

TRACK 3 : Capacity Building

Keeping in mind vision 2030 this track focuses on capacity building for teaching sta for Building a modern learning environment, self-directed learning, digital transformation and the fundamental role of the mind in learning. Expect a close discussion of these topics by high-quality speakers


  • How to improve mental wellbeing of sta and students

  • Enhance the digital pedagogy skills towards teaching &

    problem solving

  • Teaching and Learning Shifting to digital education to support

    teacher and student progress

  • Making learning e ective: One student at a time

TRACK 4 : Developing World Class Curriculum

Sessions on this track are all about developing world class curriculum and content development, whether we’re looking at video, design methodologies, content development, writing techniques, performance support content or storytelling. This track will help you create compelling, high-impact content.


  • Innovative Ways and Curriculum to Transform the Young Minds into Global Citizens

  • Importance of Bilingual education and role of rst language

  • Key Elements for Creating World Class Early Learning

  • Future Classrooms - Increasing Learning Experience & the Role of Tech

Event Enquiries:  Arif Ulla Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Vision Led Collective Worship for Community Primary Schools

11-01-2022 1:15 pm
£80.00 per school
Vision Led Collective Worship for Community Primary Schools

This is a two part course with the second session on 1st February 2021 from 13:15 to 15:45.

How can Collective Worship shape who we are as a school community, exemplify our vision and promote our ethos?

What are the characteristics of good Collective Worship and how well are we doing?

How can we best support staff, pupils, and volunteers to make the most of the time?

What resources are available that we can draw on?

How does Collective Worship link with Spiritual Moral, Social and Cultural development (SMSC), mental health and wellbeing, and the wider curriculum?

In this two-part course we will examine these questions in more detail and signpost resources to help you strengthen your provision.

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