School Partnership Programme (SPP)

School Partnership Programme (SPP)

Led by the Education Development Trust, the Schools Partnership Programme (SPP) is a partnership-based approach to School Improvement.


Clusters of schools build capacity and capability in effective school self-review, peer review and school-to-school support.  Established in 2014, hundreds of schools across England have engaged with the programme and numbers continue to grow, including within Plymouth and the surrounding areas. 

Based on current research and continuously informed by practice, Peer Review develops successful partnerships to:

  • Strengthen capability and capacity in leadership.
  • Increase confidence in leaders at all levels.
  • Improve teachers’ understanding and skills with improvement priorities.
  • Improve pupil attainment and specific school outcomes for learners.


Available for all Primary, Secondary and Special Schools, the Schools Partnership Programme is not a project, it is not an activity.

It is not episodic, something that is done and ticked off on an annual calendar.

A three-year peer review programme, it is a sustainable system-led partnership that aims to develop senior leaders in Year One of the project, embed at all levels in Year Two of the project and sustain system leadership from Year Three.


It is fundamentally a ‘way of being’ for groups of schools that will change the way they work together, in a spirit of collective will.  It is a continual, sustainable process that strengthens the maturity of a partnership, changes ways of working to focus on impact and outcomes and strengthens the culture to enable shared accountability for improvement to flourish.

For more information please contact Donna Briggs  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Event Date Multiple Date Event
Individual Price For TSSW members £1,800 - £2,250. Other schools £2,000 - £2,500.
Please contact the event provider if you have a question.
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