Courageous Advocacy and Social Action

Courageous Advocacy and Social Action

Audience: Heads of School / CEOs / School staff / Governors

This course will help schools to explore the concept of courageous advocacy and what that might mean in their unique context. It is important to move beyond simple solutions, like fundraising, to ask questions about why underlying injustices keep people poor and what can be done about it. We need to develop an understanding of the structural causes of poverty, looking at the complexities that cause injustice in order to tackle root causes,rather than simply soothing symptoms alone. Courageous advocacy can take a number of forms, and we will be exploring examples of the following:

  • awareness raising
  • community influencing
  • lifestyle changes
  • consumer power
  • engaging with decision-makers.

Event Properties

Event Date 18-11-2021 1:00 pm
Individual Price £30.00 per delegate
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